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When life becomes a building site

Welcome to my book page!

The male-dominated construction sector can be tough for a woman with dreams. Balancing a demanding work schedule, post-graduate studies and community involvement, Adine du Toit is determined to let nothing stand in her way as she builds her career as a civil engineer.

The foundations of Adine’s carefully-engineered life are rocked when her new boss throws a spanner in the works.

Will Adine climb the ladder to success or will her dreams come crashing to the ground?


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You obviously enjoy reading, since you are visiting my page, so if you would like to become part of the Under Construction book launch project team, here’s your opportunity. Become one of only a select few advanced review copy (ARC) readers and post a review on the book before it is published. Let’s don our hard hats and get this project off the ground!

Note to readers: Under Construction is the prequel to the Adine Investigates Cosy Mystery Series currently under construction

What the readers say...

“FRESH OFF THE PRESS! Allyson Koekhoven's debut novel, UNDER CONSTRUCTION makes for an entertaining read.
I enjoyed reading this book! The main character, Adine, was an entertaining character that often had me chuckling out loud by the ridiculous misunderstandings. Under Construction was not just the name of a book for her.
Her main problem is a weighty issue, and her new boss seems determined to make her life miserable and threatens her future. An unwanted family visitor further complicates Adine's efforts to sort out her life, and Ms. Koekhoven's sense of humour shines throughout.
I recommend this book to anyone looking for a light, easy read that will both entertain and amuse. It is available NOW at Amazon.
This book is the opening story in a series, and I look forward to reading more about Adine, especially as she takes on the role or detective.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author to read for review purposes, but she did not ask me to say nice things! The thoughts expressed are purely my own. Thank you Ms. Koekhoven for introducing me to Adine.” Shirley Corder


“Entertaining debut novel
Adine is a female engineer bent on making her mark in the tough construction industry. But has she bitten off more than she can chew? Her boss thinks so and gives her an ultimate to make a life-altering decision. As she grapples with this weighty issue, she encounters even more complications.
Adine is a larger than life, but relatable woman, but it took me a while to warm up to her. Some mishaps she experiences are a bit over the top, but they give the supporting cast a chance to shine without hogging the spotlight. I loved the support she received from her friends, but found her sister very trying.
The story is written well, with some very original metaphors, and plenty of humour.
I loved learning about the construction industry. The author created vivid pictures of the setting, and I can picture her stumbling over bodies or bounty in a sugarcane field some time in the future.
This is an excellent debut novel, and I look forward to following Adine around on her adventures.
I received an ARC from the publisher, and am voluntarily leaving a review.” Vida Li-Sik


“The story is set on a Construction site in South Africa. This book is for anyone wanting a chuckle as they read. I was highly entertained by the antics of Adine, her dysfunctional sister Xanthe, her friends, and the dogs. Allyson’s vast experience of using words to describe certainly brought every demoralizing incident to life, even though they were not humorous situations.

I was kept in suspense as the story unfolded as Adine’s life became a nightmare, like a hamster wheel, passing the same places without going anywhere. There was the elephant in the room that no one was prepared to discuss; Allyson described it perfectly “we had all become so good at wrapping in a serviette and tossing away like half-masticated pork fat.”

Finally, a crisis brought things to a head, and Adine and Xanthe learned the lessons they needed to gain new perspectives on their many problems. An entertaining and wholesome read with a surprising ending.” Deryn van der Tang


“Enjoy a light-hearted read following the trials and tribulations of Adine du Toit as she navigates life as a civil engineer, friend and sister. Chuckle at her mishaps and cheer her through her challenges in this delightful debut novel by Allyson Koekhoven.
I'm looking forward to reading more about Adine in the future.” Anna Jensen


“Had the privilege of having pre-publication access to this really enjoyable lighthearted story.
The heroine Adine Du Toit made me chuckle as her haphazard approach to life leads her into a spiral and potential love. Her dysfunctional sister and relationships with the people in her life added to the humour.
Her career on a construction site, her boss' misguided approach highlights the reality of a women in a male-dominated working environment, albeit Allyson made some strong statements but kept the tone light-hearted to keep the reader engrossed in Adine's capers.
A few times I thought I had worked out the end of her story but the author Allyson manages to mislead us very subtly.
Thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to any future publications by Allyson who has a lot to offer the reader.” Paul Devlin


“Loved this little item and it was such an easy read and very entertaining and left me wanting more each time I picked it up!
Cannot wait for the next book in the series!” Carla Koen


"Thoroughly enjoyed your book, Allyson. Will definitely recommend it to my friends! Well done!" Trynie Haskins



"Allyson, I found your book so intriguing, humorous and full of drama. Adine really had a life full of unexpected events, keeping the reader riveted and on the edge, always wondering what could possibly add to her misfortunes. I also found it so interesting knowing you as the author and picking up your background experiences, which were cleverly woven into your novel. Well done!" Penny Hoatson

Interviews with the author

Following our joint participation in the Kingdom Writers Conference, Author Shirley Corder interviewed me about what I gained from the conference and how I will apply it in the future. Read the interview here

Fellow South African writer Vida Li Sik interviewed me about Under Construction and its main character, Adine du Toit. You can read the interview here: 


Is Adine a sleuth? Let's find concrete evidence

Follow my journey writing Under Construction by reading the blog posts below

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